Covid Regulations

Due to the global pandemic, we have been fortunate enough to offer 3 styles of classes: all in person, hybrid, and online only. Online classes are available for every class. Students who are online only, hybrid, or have had any symptoms or potential exposure in the past 14 days will use a GoogleMeet link for class, which we send out via email. We will use the same link every week, but classes will not be recorded. We are limiting students to one in person class each. However, those who want to continue their multiple classes can join in online.

We are tracking symptoms through a Wellness Form that each student and staff member must completed EVERY WEEK within the 24 hours before class for students who are planning to attend in person, based on the schedule. If this form has not been completed before class, the student will not be permitted inside.

Payment can be made via Venmo @MudraDance (you will see our logo as the image), or can be mailed to 9742 Truckee St., Commerce City, Co. 80022. Payment should be received by the first Sunday of each month for those paying monthly.

Here are the in person guidelines we strictly adhere to:

  • 8-10 ft distanced, staggered dancers/drummers, marked by tape
  • temperature checks at the door
  • form completion 24 hours before class
  • closure of dressing room & communal water fountain
  • 1 bag per person required, which should fit all belongings in it
  • students may bring their water bottle into the studio room and keep it within their designated area
  • direct route from door to studio, without crossover
  • sanitizing station at entrance to lobby and to each dance studio
  • stagnant choreography (no travel or contact)
  • sanitization of barres, floors, and frequently touched surfaces between every class
  • no changing of dance studios during class, each class stays in their studio the entire class time
  • drive through drop-off and pick-up only for all students
  • staggered arrival and departure times (by last names) to reduce lobby gathering
  • parents will have a sign with their kid’s name in the dashboard during pick-up


Our school follows a semester system, with a fall semester (September-December) and a spring semester (January-May). We are open to taking in new students for the first month of every semester. Our semester is closed for new students at this time. We will be welcoming new students in the fall semester starting on 9/12/21.

We meet every Sunday, class schedule below

Tuition Policy:

Please note our Tuition and Absence Policy as provided below:

  • Tuition: $100/month/student. Students who have 2 family members (immediate family only), will get a 15% discount. Those who pay for the entire semester, get a 25% discount.
  • Tuition for each month is due at the first class of each month. If you are unable to attend that then you must mail in the check to 9742 Truckee St., Commerce City, Co. 80022 before the due date. There will be a $10 late fee assessed each week that tuition is not paid on time.
  • In the MEMO line of your check, please write the student’s name and the dates for which you are paying.

Class Dress Code:

All students must wear only the colors red and black. No jeans or street clothes allowed. Please make sure all hair and bangs are pulled back and out of your face.

Steps to join: 

      1. Fill out the registration form under the drop-down menu above
      2. We will email you with further class information
      3. We do allow your 1st class to be free, after which you can decide whether or not you want to join
      4. Once decided, let us know at the end of your class
      5. Drop your check in the mail, or venmo us @MudraDance
      6. Download the application “Slack”
      7. We will add you to our workspace, as that’s our primary form of communication within the studio
      8. Dance, or drum, your heart out for the rest of your life. Once a Mudra, ALWAYS a Mudra! 


11:30-12: Arrival in groups, temp checks
12-1:15: Beginner kids/Intermediate 1
12-1:30: Beginner ladies, Intermediate 2
1:30-1:50: Pick up of beginner classes, sanitization
1:50-2: Arrival of advanced classes, temp checks
2-3:30: Advanced kids, and advanced ladies
3:30-3:40: Pick up of advanced classes, sanitization
3:40-3:45: Arrival of JC/C, temp checks
3:45-5:15: JC/C
4:45-5:15: Beginner Taiko
5:15-6:45: Mudra Taiko Ensemble (beginner Taiko plus returning Taiko drummers)
6:45-7: Clean-up/sanitization

Location of Studio: Mercury Academy of Dance 6781 S Potomac St, Centennial, CO 80112